• MQ By Design cartridges are packed with 500mg  of full spectrum hemp. Our cartridges are made from sun-grown hemp flowers.  Only flowers are extracted, with any stems and seeds removed before extraction.  We only use high quality mold, toxin and pesticide free flowers with all-natural ingredients.

    Our vape oil contains no added chemicals and will naturally separate and change consistency over time. While some other manufacturers use artificial flavors in their CBD cartridges, ours containing NO ADDITIVES and NO VITAMIN E. 

    They're ready to use and fit all standard vape battery packs, complete with a durable ceramic cartridge. Enjoy the calm & collected feeling that CBD brings, wherever you go. 


    Full-Spectrum is an extract that contains all of the beneficial cannabinoids present in hemp: CBD, CBDa, CBG, and more. Hemp naturally contains a small amount of THC, so full-spectrum extracts will contain trace amounts of this compound, but always under the legal limit of .3%.



    CBD Vape Oil Cartridge

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