Why is it important to conduct Third Party Tests?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

What is Third Party Tested?

A test that is done by an independent lab with product samples. From there, they are tested for:

*Canabinoid profile

To confirm the CBD content listed on the label is accurate. It also shows other Cannabinoids that’s detected.

*Terpene profile

Not only the characteristics of the plant, it is also a reliable source of benefits of the cannabis plant. A full-spectrum product should contain terpenes.

*Heavy metal

Here they will be tested for: Arsenic - Lead - Mercury- Cadmium

*Microbial test

Various by states, they will generally be tested for yeast, mold, total aerobic plate count, and other specific bacterial contaminants.

*Residual solvent analysis

Testing for Acetone, Ethanol, Butane, Propane, Methanols….

Those tests can be performed separately or together by company choice. The price of those tests can be charged by individuals as low as $60, or by packages that up to $800. Even with the given options, many companies choose to ignore this procedure.

Why do we do Third Party Tests?

As it’s currently a highly unregulated industry, and third party testing isn’t required, the market is flooded with low quality products. Unethical companies are selling products that contain harmful ingredients, which can become harmful to consumers.

However, at MQ By Design, we believe in our product and its high quality standard.

We want to show you our commitment to our Customers and Affiliates by not only processing our premium hemp in a GMP certified facility with supercritical co2 extraction to ensure the highest quality. But also, every batch of CBD product we produce gets sent out to a Certified Hemp Testing Laboratory for third-party testing to ensure 100% transparency to our customers before receiving their products.


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