What you must know before buying CBD oil?

After the 2018 Farm Bill hemp was legalized. CBD oil from hemp is no longer a controlled substance. CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is now a major aspect of many routines health products began to flood the health and beauty market. However, looking behind the brand, often the product doesn’t contain CBD or has CBD in such small quantities that any effects will be negligible at best. On top of that, the media spreads so much information about its uses, and benefits if applied correctly.

Given quality CBD products tend to be on the pricey side, here’s a short guide to aid in finding those products that can deliver the benefits found in CBD oil and other CBD topical products.

  1. Type of carrier oil

Studies have shown carrier oil can strengthen CBD’s absorption up to 4x and over all bioavailability. It also helps maintain stability and potency for long lasting freshness. The three most common carrier oils are: MCT oil, Olive oil, Hemp seed oil.

We learn that Olive oil requires more processing and absorption than MCT oil, resulting in less bioavailability.

With Hemp seed oil, it is often too strong with natural flavor. On top of that, many companies out there try to label hemp seed oil as CBD oil, which makes it harder to differentiate the real CBD.

As a result , MCT is the winner in our products with the thin texture and a smooth taste.

2. Label

CBD oil is deprived from the flowers, leaves, stems, and stalks of matured hemp plants.

If the product label says hemp “seed”oil, this oil does not contain in a CBD. This oil does have benefits as a moisturizer but that’s about it.

If the label says CBD oil or Hemp extract without specifying the amount, then often it will contain little to zero CBD. A reliable company will have the COAs ( Certificate Of Analysis) available for their products.

3. The manufacture

Stay away from products that were manufactured by using industrial solvents. The most popular method is CO2 extraction, because of its efficacy and purity, it’s quickly become an industrial standard.

Beside making sure it’s manufactured in the US, you also need to know what type of facility processed the goods. Key point is GMP facility

4. Consider what do you need: full spectrum- Broad spectrum- Isolate ?

Full spectrum means the products are made from the whole plant which naturally has a low amount of THC.It is more expensive but they provide more of benefits than CBD Isolate. With this you can expect full effects that CBD delivers.

Broad spectrum CBD contains most cannabinoids but doesn't include THC. It’s for individuals with conditions that CBD isolate alone could not alleviate. Also if your job requires frequent drug tests, this is the safe choice to have all the benefits without the risk.

CBD Isolate is pure CBD, with no THC or any other cannabinoids. CBD isolate is the best option for those who want to experience the potential effects of CBD without any other cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids. It’s for individuals with sensitivity to THC or other cannabinoids, or who prefer light flavors or no flavor.


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