How does CBD affect on skin?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

CBD is a short form of cannabidiol that is one of the compounds found in cannabis plants. The hemp and marijuana both belong to the family of the cannabis plant. They both are different from each other, but CBD can be extracted from both. The other prominent element is THC, that makes you feel high while CDB does not. CBD has little to no side effects. Until now, most researchers and industry experts have agreed on some points as CBD acts as anti-inflammatory and analgesic. CBD has been used as a pain reliever and treats skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema — even sunburn and bug bite when appropriately used. Studies have shown that when ingested, it has slightly different effects, also having the same properties.

How does it affect?

It directly affects the endocannabinoid system. This system is a network of receptors that are

found throughout the body of every mammal. ECS is responsible for balancing the homeostasis

of the body and helps in regulating sleep, pain, appetite, immune system, and stress. Studies

showed that the body produces endocannabinoids naturally; on the other hand, CBD provides phytocannabinoid. Phytocannabinoid and endocannabinoids affect the ECS in similar manners.

Dosists explained that it’s a lock and fundamental model in which the cannabinoid is a key that unlocks a receptor, which causes a series of reactions in the whole body.

Studies have shown that CBD can reduce the production of oil and reduce inflammation in the skin. Oil production and inflammation are the two leading causes of acne; if these are controlled, the chances of having acne can be reduced. The anti-inflammatory effects can help in reducing the redness and can calm the skin. It has antioxidant and regenerative properties that help the damage from the pollution, aging, and sun. It is essential to know that CBD has these properties, whether extracted from hemp or marijuana.

When it comes to skincare, then the CBD products are almost made up of CBD extracted from hemp. The main reason behind this is the amount of CBD and THC present in these two different plants. Dr. Josh Axe told that the extracted CBD from hemp has 0.3% THC, while the extracted CBD from marijuana may have 5% to 35% THC. One should keep in mind that hemp oil and CBD oil extracted from hemp are two different things and have a lot of differences.

As Dr. Ben Talei said that, comparing CBD derived from hemp and hemp seed oil and is like

comparing vodka with potatoes. They both come from the same plant but have a lot of different properties. Products with CBD are more anti-aging and anti-inflammatory than the products that are made from hemp seed oil. CBD is an extract of leaves, flowers, and stalks of the cannabis plant.

On the other hand, the hemp seed oil is produced from the cannabis plant by the seeds' cold pressing. Hence, the hemp seed oil is rich in different vitamins and omega fatty acids, while the CBD has anti-inflammatory effects. The different parts of the plant work together by combining themselves and results better. There are two types of receptors. One is CB1, and the other one is CB2. CB1 is present in the lungs, kidneys, and liver. CB2 is found in some cells of the immune system and on the endings of peripheral nerves.

The CBD has both types of receptors that attract everyone for different reasons. By such

researches, the experts say that one should select the product that has two labels, i.e., “full-

spectrum CBD” or “whole-plant CBD.” If one of them is missing, you might not get the results as you want to.

The researches that have been conducted until now has shown that scientists are still unable to define the various mechanism of how CBD interacts with different physiological and organs in the body. It has been proved that endocannabinoid plays an essential part in managing the epidermal physiology. Anandamide can reduce the skin differentiation genes via DNA methylation. The same study showed that CBD could control differentiation and proliferation, which means that it is dormant to be the compounds for the formation of skin medications.

New research on finding out CBD's effect on melanogenesis and its mechanism of action have shown that CBD increases the amount of melanin and tyrosinase activity. The pathways are p38MAPK and p42/44 MAPK. The result recommended that CBD can be used as a protective agent against external skin stresses.

It also depends on the use of CBD. CBD, if taken as a supplement or edible, will enter the body by bloodstream like a pharmaceutical. It will allow CBD to interact with the endocannabinoid system within the organization. On the other hand, if CBD is applied to the skin topically, it will only affect that specific area where it has been used. It has been seen that CBD that is kept in the body can relieve the pain over a long time.

How does CBD improve skin health?

CBD oil is a solution to dead skin. It can make the skin shine brighter and make it look perfect. When the skin is dead, there are some options like serum or creams to make the skin look fresh and healthy. Topical creams have ingredients that help with skin youthfulness and health. They also help in moisturizing the skin. On the other hand, skin serums are produced to deal with acne and such types of problems. Healthy skin makes a person look fresh and happy all the time. CBD is currently one of the best products in the industry of beautician and medication.

Through many studies, CBD is shown its benefits in:

  • Clearing the skin

  • Formation of sebum in sebaceous tissues

  • Prevents Sunburns

  • Sensitive skin

  • Eczema

  • Skin cancer

  • Heal injuries

  • Antioxidant protection

CBD topical gives the best results in acne treatment and skin conditions. CBD creams, lotions, and salves are widely used in beauty products for their effectiveness.

A high concentration of ounces in creams and lotions makes it reliable and competent. Three types of CBDs include CBD isolate, Broad-spectrum CBD, and Full-spectrum CBD. Let's have a look at these types and then conclude which kind of CBD is used in which specific product.

CBD Isolate is pure CBD, with no THC or any other cannabinoids. Broad-spectrum CBD contains most cannabinoids but doesn't include THC. Full-spectrum CBD contains all of the plant's cannabinoids, including THC as well.

Scrub creams usually include broad-spectrum CBD, while anti-aging whitening creams and serums use CBD isolate in them. CBDs don't usually pass through the skin easily. So, potency is the main factor that is looked at first in CBD beauty products. Some potent products contain at least 200 mg of CBD, while some other potent products contain up to 1000 mg of CBD.

● Clearing the skin

Different skin conditions are painful at times. They directly affect the self-esteem of everyone. CBD works as a reliever for various conditions of skin with little to no negative side effects.

Psoriasis is a kind of disease that causes painful patches that affect the growth of cells in the

skin. A study has confirmed that CBD is good for the treatment of Psoriasis. It slows down the growth of cells. This is an illness of skin which attacks the healthy cells of the skin.

In this condition, the life cycle of the skin cells is increased by quick multiplications of the cell

only at the skin's surface. Because of this, the sufferer may have redness or patches on the

surface of the skin. CBD oil helps in reducing the multiplication of cells. This disease is because of inflammation and anti-flaming properties of CBD oil increase the attraction for healthy skin.

● Antioxidant protection

Free radicals are produced naturally within the body, and these are unstable molecules that are important for cellular processes. But when the amount of these radicals increases to excess, they can damage cells too. This process is known as oxidative stress, and it includes the damage of DNA, which can be a cause of illness like cancer. CBD product has antioxidant properties that stop the oxidative stress by balancing the free radicals. CBD products can reduce the signs of aging.

This property allows the CBD products to minimize the signs of aging on your skin. Hemp has different omega fatty acids like omega-three and omega-six, which help produce collagen. As a result of this production, these products become more suitable for the anti-aging by controlling the loss of water.

● Heal injuries

We all experience some minor cuts or scratches, and usually, the body can quickly heal from this damage on its own. But in case of severe injuries, or when an infection attacks, wound care is essential and can prevent significant problems. Inflammation is a response of the body towards damages, but it can cause swelling, redness, or pain. CBD having anti-inflammatory properties help to manage the reaction towards damages and reduce the redness and pain. CBD has antibacterial properties also. It can kill antibiotic-resistant

MRSA. It is essential because bacterial infections as open wounds can spread throughout the

body and cause very complicated problems that may lead to death.

● Skin cancer

Skin cancer is a disease that affects millions of people and may lead to death. One of the most threatening types of skin cancer is melanoma. It kills more than 10,000 people per year in the US alone. In trials, CBD worked wonders and slowed the growth of this deadly disease in mice.

Researches conducted on mice with a combination of CBD and THC. The study investigated that THC and CBD engage different pieces of machinery that promote the death of the tumor’s cell.

The researcher is called to check whether it works for skin cancer in human beings.

● Eczema

This problem causes redness, cracks, and itchiness on the skin. It is widespread, but

unfortunately, there is no cure. Scientists are still trying to work on the permanent cure for this problem. Now, when the treatment is always in search, CBD oil is best as it relieves the dryness and reduces the inflammation. CBD products reduce eczema with little to no adverse side effects. The main reason for eczema is inflammation.

The real cause of inflammation is directly related to the endocannabinoid system. CBD oil plays a vital role in maintaining the endocannabinoid system. Using CBD oil shows that they can reduce eczema by continuing the endocannabinoid system after contacting the human body's receptors. It can also reduce the leading cause of eczema i.e., inflammation.

● Sensitive skin

Having sensitive skin is not having a disease, but it might be a symptom of another ailment like eczema, allergies, or genetic conditions. The people who have sensitive skin are vulnerable to new and harsh ingredients. They are prone to redness or rashes. They need to test at a small patch of the skin before applying to the entire area.

CBD oil-infused products can relieve such skin and reduce the redness and spots. It has a

balancing and skin-soothing property that helps in diminishing different signs of sensitive skin like redness, itching, and irritation. It has calming effects on the skin that helps to fight the environmental stressors. Although there is no side effect of CBD products, if you are applying on the skin, don’t forget to do a patch test on a small area.

● Prevents Sunburns

Sunscreens play an essential role in protecting the skin from harmful rays, dirt, and different

environmental factors. Hence, everyone needs to take care of their skin and protect it from dark spots, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and skin cancer. Mixing of CBD oil to your go-to

sunscreen can increase the sun protection.

You can also use CBD infused sunscreen with up to SDF 50 for preventing sunburn. Studies

suggest that CBD products' anti-inflammatory properties can play a massive role in improving sun protection and minimizing the risk of getting sunburns. When sunscreen is mixed with CBD oil, it increases the protection of essential proteins like keratin. Keratin is responsible for smooth and healthy skin.

● Formation of sebum in sebaceous tissues

Different clinical studies have investigated that the molecules of CBD reduce the production of sebum in sebaceous glands. The creation of sebum should be controlled to avoid oily skin. If the sebum production is high, then the skin becomes oily, and due to a lot of oil, the skin becomes acne-prone. The CBD products are best to deal with acne because they have anti-flaming properties. This oil directly affects the cells that cause acne. It is a very attractive quality of these products that they do not affect the cells of the whole body or whole part, but they just affect the cells that are causing acne. The use of these products will not let you feel any kind of dryness or irritation.

CBD products affect the human skin by contacting the receptors of the endocannabinoid system and maintaining the receptors. Although, it gives a slightly different result when applied on the surface or ingested. The main attraction of these products is that it has little to no adverse side effects.


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