CBD scams running wild

MQBYDESIGN.COM website is NOT affiliated with those scam in any way. We public this article to warn people to avoid those scams and advise them what to do if they’ve already become a victim.

Free sample of CBD Oil Scam

‘Get A FREE Trial Bottle of CBD Oil - just pay shipping and handling fee’. Very tempting but beware, after collecting your information, they will start charging you a monthly “subscription” after a couple days.

Brand names” tied to this scheme include: HempVive, Pure CBD, Pure Med CBD, New Leaf Naturals, True CBD, Miracle CBD, Pro Naturals, Sky CBD, Assure CBD, Divine CBD, Pure Med, Organix, Isolate Direct, CBD XRP, Optimal Choice, Zen Labs, Star CBD,True CBD, Serene and Serenity CBD.

What you can do if you was scam:

-TRy to contact the company and ask to cancel your “subscription” with a full refund. If they refuse,tell them that you will be filing a “fraud chargeback” with your credit card company.

-Report to your credit card company, cancel your credit card and get a new card.

Copycat of Popular Brand

A copycat scam will try to copy an established brand name and make it sound similar to confuse consumers. As consumers are confused by the similar name, they will place orders and won't find out till weeks later. The scammers will ship you cheap, low quality CBD products with monthly charge until you cancel it.

For example, they copied “ Royal CBD’ and made their names such as “Royale CBD”, or “Royal Blend CBD”,“Royall CBD”.

To avoid, make sure to:

  1. *Double check the brand name and their website address. Make sure the website is up to date with all the information, since the scammer normally uses low quality images, poorly designed, full of misspelled.

  2. *Double check the URL at check out, scammer’s page will not have the same security layers like regular companies. Instead, they will reroute you to a different URLas payment gateway. In this case, DO NOT enter any details of your credit card or other information.

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Others scams

Too Good To Be True

If you feel like “It's too good to be true”, it usually is. You should avoid companies that advertise their product with “100% absorption”, claim that “CBD oil can cure” disease or symptoms, “no side effects”.


Also beware of MLM companies, those companies sell CBD but also encourage consumers to be their salesman. As a result, most people spend more money buying the company products than making any from selling them.

Fake CBD Products

There is a flood of fake CBD products on Amazon, which are labeled “Hemp Oil”, or claim to have insanely large amounts of CBD. Or CBD bath bombs, hand sanitizers that barely will give any effect.

CBD pillows, mattresses that are insanely high cost; which you can buy a great regular mattress and still have some left to buy Real, High Quality CBD Oil.

To be sure of what you are buying, look for brands that out quality and transparency as their priorities.

Because of those scammers, the real CBD companies took hits and got distrusted from consumers. For more info on CBD and how to find real CBD products, check out our CBD Knowledge blogs.

As always, at MQ By Design, we always put our customers above all. Each of our products are made from high quality hemp and went through intensive testing before hitting the shelf. You can easily access our products COAs under the “Lab Report” tab.