Can CBD be used on pets?

We all are aware of the importance of CBD and its vast use by human beings. It's been years that people are using CBD products and enjoying the benefits of this compound. But what if CBD products are being used for your pet?

The extracts from the cannabis plant come with the most active 80 different chemical compounds. CBD oil that is used commonly is extracted from the marijuana plant or hemp plant. Both oils have quite a different chemical nature. The oil from marijuana plants has significant concentrations of THC, tetrahydrocannabinol that has psychoactive properties. It can make the individual feel high. But the oil that is extracted from the hemp plant does not have much percentage of THC. So it does not cause any highness. It also does not have any considerable side-effects at all.

  • CBD use on dogs:

Generally, CBD is used in different therapies and to treat many ailments and diseases. And it plays its role effectively; that is why its use is preferred and is increasing day by day. It is specially used to treat severe pains, seizures, anxiety, stress and depression, mental peace, cancer, skin diseases, and other related diseases. But can these diseases or ailments be treated in dogs? They are doing experiments on dogs and cats to know how CBD reacts in the bodies of these animals. In this regard, they are getting shocking results continuously. CBD oils are given to the dogs, and it responds amazingly to almost all the cats and dog breeds. CBD is being used to treat inflammations, pains, seizures, arthritis, and so on. This is also even used to treat a severe disease like cancer. Let's have a brief overview of this aspect.

  • Severe pains:

CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. This helps decrease the sensations of severe pain, especially in the intervertebral disc diseases (IVDD). CBD, when it comes in contact with the bloodstream, reacts with the neuroreceptors; as a result, the message is sent in the brain, and hormones are released to lessen the pain sensation.

  • Seizures:

Commonly to reduce the frequency of seizures, traditional anti-seizures drugs are available in the market and are used on dogs. There is very little research on the dogs to use CBD as a treatment of seizures. Due to some properties, CBD is found an excellent option to treat epilepsy and seizures, but related anti-seizures medications should also be used in the case of dogs and cats.

  • Cancer:

Researches have revealed the fact that XBD acts in correspondence to treat disease, more typically its secondary symptoms and tumors. It also decreases the effects of chemotherapy. The research is being done on rats and is expected the same results for dogs.

  • Arthritis:

Arthritis is becoming a severe problem in humans as well as animals. Dogs, cats, and other mammals are at the top of the list. According to the survey round, about 60% of the dog breeds are suffering from related diseases. CBD is also treating arthritis. The most common arthritis, osteoarthritis, is also treated with CBDs. CBD’s anti-inflammatory characteristics help significantly in this regard.

  • How to measure the dosage of CBD for your animal?

Now here pops up a question in our mind that what should be the right amount of dose given to your dog. If we talk about the correct dose of CBD, then it is not fixed for us, then how it will go for animals. We will discuss some steps to measure the right amount of dose of CBD for your pet. It is essential to know about the breed or species of your pet. First of all, give all the information regarding this. Secondly, you should consider the weight and age of your pet. The amount of CBD that you desire to give to your pet depends on its weight in lbs and its age. The third and most crucial step is to tell the reason you want to give CBD to it. Many people go for it to maintain the overall health of their dogs. But as we have talked about it, it also helps to treat many illnesses in dogs. So do consider this fact when you decide the dosage of CBD.

  • Basic precautionary measures:

It is essential to follow the necessary precautions if you are giving CBD to your pet. Animals’ metabolism and the way they respond is different from human beings. The way their body responds to any medicine or drug is entirely different. Moreover, the release of special hormones in the body in different situations should also be considered. So take care of the reactions of your pet after their CBD intake. Do take care of the dosage of CBD that you are giving to your pet.


As there is no proper CBD recommendation for pets, before taking any step, seek advice from a professional veterinary doctor because your pet’s life is essential for you.


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